New Performing Arts Flooring
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New Performing Arts Flooring
It is with great excitement that we announce the completion of our new performing arts floor, installed in the drama room.

This flooring is a specialised flexible flooring, designed specifically for dance and movement with built in give to allow young performers to perform physical activities without any jarring impact on their joints and bones. 

We hope to encourage a greater integration of dance into our school programme and plan to keep developing this space into an intimate little theatre space that is available for community and professional use. Huge thanks goes out to everyone involved with the construction of the flooring, but special thanks must go to Jane and Ross Mitchell for their coordination, mahi and support with this project, on top of everything else they do around the school! 

Any inquiries about the space can be directed to Nick Meissel, our Head of Drama at [email protected]

This article was originally posted on: February, 11th 2021