Pikihuia Short Story Awards
Pikihuia Short Story Awards
We are looking for aspiring Maori writers to enter the Pikihuia short story awards for 2021. This a great opportunity to win prizes for writing and be published in a book.

Since 1995, the Pikihuia Awards have sought to nurture and encourage new talent in Māori literature. The stories that come to light always show a diverse range of Māori world views and experience. Help us reach the next wave of Māori writers by promoting the Pikihuia Awards 2021.

There are four award categories:

  • First-time writer in te reo Māori

  • First-time writer in English

  • Emerging writer in te reo Māori

  • Emerging writer in English

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This article was originally posted on: March, 16th 2021