Respecting the Right to Play - DHS 2021
Respecting the Right to Play - DHS 2021
The Sports Council has been considering proposals that have come from some of our major sports codes relating to students' right to play. As a result, in 2021 DHS will be implementing a system we call ‘Respecting the Right to Play’ for our TOP sports teams in each sporting code.

The system would work as follows:

Students representing the school in our TOP teams would be subject to attaining a Respect grade on Fortnightly Reporting that is greater than an average of 3 for all subjects. 

Should a student in a top team not meet this expectation on a Fortnightly Report, then the coach, parent and student would be informed. They would need to turn the fortnightly grade around to be higher than ‘3’  by the next reporting week. If not, then the right to play is removed for 1 week. Should the grade continue to be below 3 then the same would occur after the next Fortnightly Report. It is anticipated that the TIC of the sport would be responsible for the monitoring and communicating of this.

Students would also be subject to an attendance rate in the sporting term of 80% or higher to be eligible to play for the top sports team (excluding justified absences).

DHS Sports Council.

Contact information:

Sally Mullally - [email protected]

Todd Adams - [email protected] 

This article was originally posted on: May, 13th 2021