South Island Canoe Slalom Championships
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South Island Canoe Slalom Championships
A keen group of DHS Kayakers attended the South Island Canoe Slalom Championships in Tekapo over the weekend.

The teams consisted of paddlers with a wide range of ability from those attempting to get in national squads to new paddlers who had never been on water this challenging. All paddlers did extremely well, winning numerous titles in what were, admittedly, small fields. The best performer was Nick Collier who won the overall (including adults) title. The next big event is the Nationals held from the end of March. Thanks to Gordy and Mary Rayner for their support and all paddlers and parents for an awesome weekend!

Paddlers were:

Nick Collier 1st U18 and 1st overall

Ethan Knights 2nd U18

Ben McNally 3rd U18

Tom Goldsmith 1st U16 and 2nd Overall

Ollie Goldsmith 2nd U16

Harry Thow 3rd U18

Mitchell McNally 4th U16

Jasper Wearing 1st U14

Tisse Risteyn also attended but was ill for the races

This article was originally posted on: February, 15th 2021