South Island Secondary School Canoe Polo
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South Island Secondary School Canoe Polo
A team of 20 students travelled to Oamaru to compete in the SISS Canoe Polo Tournament on 12-14th August.

It was a very successful tournament with a very long and busy schedule. DHS performed very well and competed to a very high level. Our sportsmanship and teamwork were evident throughout the weekend.

The Junior girls team won their division, with Zaria Battrick being the top goal scorer in the division with 23 goals. Sophie Bruce and Maddie Hiscock both competed in the SI combined team as well as the junior girls team. The team placed 2nd in the final. They both played 14 games over the weekend which was outstanding.

The Junior A  boys played very well, placing 5th. Ethan Finlay was the top goal scorer with 16 goals.The Junior B team placed 8th and came a long way during the weeknd.

The Senior boys team placed 3rd in the final against Napier Boys High School. They were outstanding on both defence and offence. Their sportsmanship throughout the tournament was excellent. It was a huge credit to them.

Ethan Knights  was selected for the tournament team which is another outstanding achievement. It was also wonderful to see Ethan captaining the Senior team, coaching the junior teams and refereeing games throughout the weekend.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Geoff King and Nicola Finlay who helped with transporting the team to the event. Ian and Kirsten Knights,Kaylee McNally and all the other parents who came and supported the teams, your time was greatly appreciated.

This article was originally posted on: August, 17th 2022