Southfuels Fuel for Schools Programme
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Southfuels Fuel for Schools Programme
There are a number of businesses in our community that have nominated Dunstan High School for the Fuel for Schools Programmes.

Essentially, these businesses order bulk supplies of fuel and for every 2 litres of fuel they purchase the school is donated 1c.  Once we have been donated $1 000, we are then able to select an equipment pack for the school.  There are a number of technology and sports packages available to choose from.   Just before lockdown, Southfuels advised us that we were in the position of being able to make a selection for the school.  After viewing all the different packages on offer our staff in charge of technology and sports decided on a $1 000 package of 5 bluetooth speakers of varying sizes that could be used by the whole school.  Last week Reece Winter, the Southfuels representative, visited the school and presented the package to Reece Goldsmith.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Southfuels and all the businesses in our area that have nominated Dunstan High School for this programme.

This article was originally posted on: September, 28th 2021