Sports Volunteers
Sports Volunteers
As part of Volunteer Week, the Student Sports Committee would like to thank all of the coaches and managers who volunteer their time to support and develop our sports teams. These coaches and managers come from within our community and here at school.

We have a volunteer award that we present to the teachers who we feel have put in that extra mile for us. The teacher is nominated by the students and is presented with an Industry Lane voucher.

Recipients of the Teacher Volunteer vouchers so far this year have been Ms Robinson (Softball), Whea Day (Volleyball) and Mrs Elliot (Netball). All 3 teachers have gone above and beyond just coaching, and have put a lot of time and effort into developing their sport at the school - and none of them have children playing the sport. 

Thank you to all our volunteers.

Student Sports Leaders

Lucy Sawers and Joe Cockburn

This article was originally posted on: June, 24th 2021