Yr12 Geography Trip
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Yr12 Geography Trip
The Year 12 Geography class took a three day field trip to Mount Cook.

Here we spent time recording and finding out information about the change in vegetation zonation. We walked up Red Tarn track (1,054 metres) to identify vegetation growth and the changes at five different sites. We also managed to fit in a Glacial Explorers Boat Ride between the bouts of bad weather! We were all astonished by the change in the Tasman Glacier and that it currently retreats at approximately 200m a year. If it continues at this rate, in a century it will be all gone. It makes you think about the impact humans are having on nature. 

Overall, we had a great time bonding and playing cards each night. Thanks to Mr Wills for all the stories and the laughs. We all thoroughly enjoyed your company and your input to our camp, you were a great help. An even bigger thanks to Miss Checketts for planning the whole trip and organising everything for us; it was a successful trip full of helpful information that will help boost our knowledge for our internals ahead.

This article was originally posted on: March, 18th 2021